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Announcement: Filledout

New form library rolled out
You can find the docs at:

Main features are:

  • Dynamic value shape support (including deeply nested objects, arrays, arrays of objects)
  • Type safe field references powered by JS Proxy
  • Easy to extend form factory
  • Separate UI bindings and validation addons (yup, zod planned for later)
  • UI bindings based on selectors instead of new unit mapping
  • SSR support (you need to setup effector babel plugin tho)

Library been used on production projects for few months and seem to perform well. It's still under development but no drastic public API changes are planned. You can find upcoming "changes" here: What's next?

IMPORTANT: still, consider to use it on your own risk because there are still things to do to make it fully stable (public testing feedback/unit test coverage)

Docs will be improved based on provided feedback if you will find any mistakes/things you want to be explained in docs you can find me at

discord: @hyze2d
telegram: @hyze2d

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